Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Latinos in NYHC & Punk 1985-1990

Javier Villegas w/Born Against @Abc No Rio. Photo by Tim Singer

                 The good folks at No Echo website asked me to do a part 2 of my Hispanics in NYHC article. Here's the link:

 These are bunch of photos of people featured in the article that were not used for the final piece:

John John Jesse from Nausea drumming for Trauma in 1986 @Tin Pan Alley. Photo by Sam Moon Rafferty

Gavin Van Vlack playing w/Absolution @CBGB's 1988.

Sergio Vega from Quicksand/The Deftones in Washington Sq Park 1986.

Roy Mayorga from Nausea drumming for Youthquake in 1986.

Hoya Roc from Madball/Dmize in Corona, Queens 1983.

Jimmy Williams from Maximum Penalty outside CBGB's 1988.

"Lusty" Lou Morales & The Twins: Hector & Edwin Nieves in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Rich Derespina & Ed Sayago from All For One @Giant Studios 1987.

Chiqui from Dmize in the middle 1990.

Maurice Vega from Under Pressure @Sundance 1988.

Gus SXE Pena w/Discipline 1989.

Minus & SOB

Ike Proud drumming & Andrew Monserrate on guitar w/Stand Proud 1988.

Marcos Siega from Bad Trip in 1990.


  1. Great post!!! Do you know whatever happened to Chiqui Rodriguez? Is he online anywhere? I went to Jr High with him and lost touch!